The Last Name in Craft Beer

LNB_Logo_NewDale Bros. Brewery has always been on a last name basis. But from now on, Curt and Andy Dale, the brother owners of Dale Bros., will literally refer to their popular Upland brewery by its last name.

That’s because Dale Bros. Brewery has changed its name to Last Name Brewing.

Announced Saturday at the highly anticipated “The Big Reveal” special event, the brewery built mystery over the past month for the special announcement. Naturally, it came as part of a big celebration with live music, food and the release of the brewery’s first Belgian White Ale.

LNB_Bottles_Year-RoundAfter 13 years under the Dale Bros. moniker, the change was done for trademarking purposes and officially goes into effect today, May 1.

“It turns out there’s another Dale in craft brewing, and in all fairness, he was here first,” said Andy Dale.

His brother added, “While it was really hard to think about giving up our company’s name, we knew it was the right thing to do.”

Established in 2003 by brewmaster Curt Dale, the brewery was one of the founding breweries of the Los Angeles-area craft beer movement and is considered the “dean” of local breweries. In 2007, Andy Dale joined the company to head up business development and help with the brewery’s first substantial expansion at the brewery and into restaurants and bars. They eventually began bottling their beers, which are currently available at most local stores that sell craft beer.

“Being two brothers with the last name Dale, it seemed like calling the company Dale Bros. Brewery was a natural,” said Curt Dale.

LNB_Bottles_SeasonalBest known for its flagship amber lager Pomona Queen, Last Name Brewing will still be located at 2120 Porterfield Way and will continue to brew Pomona Queen and its vast assortment of year-round, special and seasonal brews, including several new beer releases later this year, said Karen McMillen, Last Name Brewing co-owner and marketing chief.

“Call us whatever you want,” said Andy Dale. “We’re still the same people, making the same great beer.”

McMillen said the brewery team worked with Pasadena-based branding and advertising agency Echo-Factory to develop the new name.

“We wanted something that we could transition our existing branding to easily and that captured the feel of who we are,” McMillen said. “With the boom in the craft beer industry over the last decade, trying to come up with a new name that both ‘fit us’ and that we could trademark was a challenge.”