Thank God The Tiki Bar is Open

Tiki faces

We’ve created a bit of a mystique with our enchanted backyard Tiki Lounge. Yeah, it’s a pretty nice place to hang out, especially in the summer. We’ve painted a picture of paradise, but who really believes anyone can recreate the South Pacific in the Inland Empire?100_0005

The mystique grows every time Beth and I post a few photos on Facebook while spending an evening in the distant northwest corner of the yard behind the giant palms and the manicured tropical flora. It’s just that we seem to find ourselves becoming part of our surroundings. Encircled by the flames of tiki torches and hundreds of miniature lights, the whisper of the wind whooshing through the 30-foot-tall Queen Palms is background accompaniment to the 800-plus melodies that sequence randomly from every angle, providing stereo resonances wherever we are. The soft blue glow of the light from the swimming pool rises from the level below as Sasha stretches along the outdoor sofa and Kobe scampers through the jungle of bromeliads, agapanthus, Philodendrons, Fuchsias and Amarilis. Our evenings that begin well before sundown frequently end after midnight; just the two of us sitting, talking, listening to music and even dancing in the moonlight long after the dogs have gone inside to sleep below our California King.

10443495_10152357875343813_869949690268394508_n100_0823Serenity transforms into intimate interactions and friendly frivolity when our pals join the gathering. This is when the beverage menu expands from simple cocktails, beer or wine to a much broader and more special beverage menu.

And this is where the mystique of the Tiki Lounge truly becomes reality, sharing cocktails and stories with good friends among the tropical atmosphere.

Our Facebook posts about the Tiki Lounge being open are genuine. If we put it out there, we have to assume somebody might show up. It’s not unprecedented; we’ve had spontaneous visitors in the past, although it’s not the norm. We hope you’ll join us sometime for after-dinner spirits. We love the company, and we never turn up our noses to the addition of a good bottle (although certainly not necessary). Mahalo!

With Tiki torches burning at twilight, we’re happy to share good times at our stay-at-home paradise. And while we have not yet had our official annual “turning of the sign” ceremony this year (attention: Jim), the Tiki Bar is indeed open.

Tiki Bar 4 guys