“For Sinners and Saints Alike”

Perhaps I’m biased, because my son works at Port Brewing Co./ The Lost Abbey in San Marcos, but I have to say that the two craft breweries produce some of the best beer I have had in my 35 years as a beer consumer. It’s gratifying to see my opinion shared by many, including so-called beer geeks and industry experts, who consistently rave about founder Lost Abbey 10-20-13Tomme Arthur’s creativity and unmatched skills with barrel aging and crafting incredibly flavorful concoctions.IMG_1945

I’ve gone back and forth over picking a favorite – it’s hard to top Angel’s Share or Deliverance, but I think that the bourbon barrel-aged Santa’s Little Helper might top all of them in my book… But maybe that’s because that’s what I’m enjoying as I write this. My wife says it depends on the conversation we’re having, because apparently, given the day or time, I choose any one of these three.

Sid at workI’ll have many more posts about Port Brewing/The Lost Abbey in the future. For now, I strongly suggest dropping in and sampling several great beers. And say hi to Sid when you’re there. Cheers!

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