Wines of the Times

One of the best ways to learn what kinds of wine you prefer is to compare them side-by-side. Go to wine tastings, visit wineries or orchestrate your own wine tasting at home. Just keep trying new wines. Places like Liquorama in Upland or the many Total Wines and More stores have regular personalized educational wine tasting sessions that are well worth the nominal charge to find some incredible offerings.IMG_0003

Another great way to sample a wide variety of wines is at special events such as the Los Angeles County Fair. The wines in the Fair’s tasting inventory come from the annual pre-Fair competition, which has been around for nearly 75 years. Once limited to only California wines, it now draws entries from around the world.

The Fair’s Los Angeles International Competition features not only wine, but also spirits, commercial beer and extra virgin olive oil. But it’s the award-winning wines that bring people to the building, along with the many educational classes held in the same area throughout the run of the Fair. Here is a list of the sessions remaining during this year’s Fair.