Here’s to You! Welcome!


Sampling spirits at Mala in Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii.

I’ve had an interest in alcoholic beverages for as long as I can remember. The focus has shifted through different stages of my life, from when I scavenged through the city recycling center during my high school and college years to build to my beer can collection, to developing a taste for nice wines as an adult, to learning the right way to make a classic cocktail in recent years, to my new passion for craft beer.

Be it a great beer, fine wine or well-crafted spirit, they have served as intriguing and integral complements to my social life.

So after spending most of my adult life sipping, swirling, shooting, shaking, stirring and otherwise storing a wealth of knowledge about what I like to drink, now it makes sense to put this information to good use and share my experiences and opinions in this new blog, “Sips, Suds and Spirits.”

I’ll look at some of the people who are working in the field, including both my sons, Sid and Sam, who are employed by craft breweries in San Diego County, which has become the Napa Valley of craft beer. It is my pleasure to pass along new information and the treasure trove of unique products here in this blog. I just wish I started “Sips, Suds and Spirits” earlier, because I will have no shortage of content.

In keeping with the central theme, I’ll sample beers, wines and spirits and note my comments.  Naturally, I won’t do this alone; sharing other “expert” opinions will be a valuable component. But it won’t stop there. I hope to write about great deals at local liquor stores, new products, special events, competitions, home brews, cocktail recipes, outstanding bartenders, industry notes, tailgate tips, collections, home bars, trivia and anything else that interests me – as long as it fits with the general topic.

I’ll keep this updated on a regular basis. And if you have something you’d like to share or see covered, let me know. Your contributions are most definitely welcome!

Until the next round, Cheers!


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